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Since its very humble first steps at its inception back in July 1991, GrandTech has travelled thousands of miles to become a stock-market listed company in Taiwan in 2002. From the start in Taiwan, GrandTech has established a value-added service network across Pan Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. It has become one of the largest value-added marketing service providers in computer graphics, imaging, and multimedia software. GrandTech is now expanding to the information security industry, it represents world renowned brands across the region, namely Adobe、AME、Wacom、HP、Microsoft、Lenovo、Corel、Oracle、 OKI、Celsys、Bosch、ATI、Shure & etc. In order to provide service and fulfill its customers’ long-term needs, GrandTech is aggressively cultivating professional companies with a strong entrepreneurial mindset to continue its expansion with win-win partnerships. From its core competence and operational excellence, GrandTech has further set foot into the Office Automation and Professional Printing Industries, and is establishing a value added platform for B to B to C supply chains.


With its vision to be Innovative, a mission to provide valuable bridging between vendors and customer, and rich regional experiences, GrandTech is committed to deliver the philosophy of “Coming together is the Beginning, Keeping together is Progressing and Working together is Success”, the All-Win partnership model. In this revolutionary Cloud Era, GrandTech is moving forward and creating the best value-added corporation management platform ( Entrepreneurs’Paradise). It is providing the financial resources to gather more new business and to offer this platform to recruit entrepreneurs for new career expansion. With ambition and determination, GrandTech will expand these business segments, and will succeed in achieving a better life for all its employees moving forward to the next generation.


GrandTech has continuously utilized its expert knowledge in "Graphics, Images and Multimedia" to produce world famous professional application software. Moreover, we provide the hardware for the digital application of this leading territory. With effort and passion, we strive towards our greatest accomplishments.

Value-added Marketing 
"Diversified value-added services" is GrandTech's promise to our customers and our way of providing solutions for our business partners. On top of GrandTech's professional product distribution and first-rate customer service, we also devote ourselves to provide product usage training to raise user quality. We wish to strengthen the widespread use of computer knowledge and the number of opportunities for our customers to professionally make the most of our products. Through the business coverage platform over the whole of Asia, GrandTech has provided vendors a solution for breaking through the barriers into the Asian market. Unlike traditional distributors, not only are we responsible for channel management, logistic/financing, and retailer/customer-end management, we also provide product localization, product re-packaging, public relations, marketing, and after sales services. In addition, we strive to maintain an equal-value ratio with our vendors.

Customers First
Customers are GrandTech's eternal companions. Because customers are the key factors to our success and future growth, we always put our customers first. Our goal is to provide customers the best services we possibly can.

Here at GrandTech, we believe that our employees are our most important assets. We strive to provide a challenging yet enjoyable work environment for our valuable "GrandTechers" and devote ourselves to give them a happy and healthy working environment. This way, GrandTechers can integrate their specialties into their work and arouse their potential capabilities, therefore enabling them to gain a satisfying and progressive experience from their work. As a bonus, we also implement profit sharing with our employees; we encourage them to take part in the company's success, share the profits of the effort, and together create a grand vision. We respect every single employee and hope to work together to preserve this environment. As we all work towards our goal, we hope to keep our outstanding colleagues and possibly recruit more.


Distribution & Enterprise Business Group
GrandTech has expanded its horizon regionally and has also diversified its products for the past 27 years. In terms of regions, it now has its 2D and 3D professional products market covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and etc. Moreover, GrandTech has stretched its variety of product fields by expanding to the 3D printing market along with many other valued market products.

Digital Printing Business Unit
Based in Taiwan’s printing market service, Grandtech focuses on providing digital printing service for International renowned brands like HP Indigo, Scodix, Tresu, Esko and Taopix. GrandTech offers a variety of printing digitalization from traditional printing workflow, including packaging, labeling, digital printing, photo albums, and other specialized printing procedures.

GrandTech recruited DPI Technology in Malaysia to be part of GrandTech family since March 2015 and target to extend digital printing business across ASEAN with DPI excellent expertise in Malaysia Market. Establishment in year 1995, DPIspecialize in distributing quality and high performance wide format printers and sign making systems to our valued customers and become the pioneer in the industry with an extensive range of cutting edge products. Some of the reputed brands DPI offer is Hewlett-Packard, LDP, Graphtec, Fotoba, AYXZ and Onyx Graphics.

With quality products and services from DPI, not only we can keep providing the best to customer needs, but also move forward to regional extension across South East Asia with mother group support and successful experience sharing.

Printing & Office Supplies Business
Our business direction is to persuade high growth markets and avoid saturated regions. The main market focus are major cities in China and South East Asia. Starting with office automation equipment leasing business which inclusive value added services, to establish total customer satisfaction, then broaden the products and services portfolio for long lasting win-win business relationship.

Internet & Education Business
Grandtech publishing business has built its leading reputation in the drawing and multimedia tool book market, and further it also has started informative book series publishing field. With consistent quality and up to date technology, Grandtech has received respectable feedbacks.

Grandtech Information and Top Team, as branch companies to GrandTech, specialize in publishing educational book series in various fields. With 「GrandTech Times」、「Top Team Cultures」, both are marketed in both physical and online channel networks. They go in depth into the campus market and, in a way, connect “product” with “service” to facilitate a seamless learning channel.

Other Investment
Whilst the cultural creative market has been developing rapidly and vigorously, Grandtech is expecting to expand its own business categories by investing in related industries with prospects and recruiting possible long-term entrepreneurship partners, such as filmmaking, animation production, and game software agency.