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  • Board of Directors & CommitteeOpen or Close
    Board of Directors Members:
    The Term of GrandTech’s Board of Directors is from 23rd June 2016 to 22nd June 2018.
    GrandTech Board of Directors is consists of night members:
    Directors are Mr. Frankie Hsu、Mr. Jason Ngoi、Mr. Tani Masayuki、Mr. Ribert T.H. Chuang, Jia Na Investment Co., Ltd.、Mr. Jackie Yang
    Independent directors are Mr. Thu-Hua Liu、Mr. Chen-Tung Yu、Mr. Philip Chen
    Audit committee members:
    The Term of the Audit Committee is 23rd June 2016 to 22nd June 2018.
    Audit Committee is comprised of all three independent directors, Mr. Thu-Hua Liu、Mr. Chen-Tung Yu、Mr. Philip Chen
    Compensation Committee Members:
    The Term of the Compensation Committee is 23rd June 2016 to 22nd June 2018.
    Compensation Committee is comprised of all three independent directors, Mr. Thu-Hua Liu、Mr. Chen-Tung Yu.
    Major Resolutions of Board Meeting:
    Board Date Resolution (excerpt)
    Board 2016/6/23 1. Elected President & Vice President
    2. Set up the rules of Grandtech audit committee organization.
    3. Revised the rules of Grandtech board procedure.
    4. Revised the rules of Grandtech compensation Committee organization.
    5. Proposed to Compensation Committee.
    Board 2016/11/8 1. Pass 2016 consolidated of Q3 financial statements.
    2. 2017 annual audit plan developed.
    3. The case of fund Lending and subsidiary.
    Board 2017/2/10 1. 2017 annual operating planning.
    2. Fund Lending of subsidiary.
    3. The proof of public expense case for accountant.
    4. Disposition of Ability subsidiary.
    Board 2017/2/18 1. Disposition of Honlynn subsidiary.
    Board 2017/2/24 1. Elected President
    Board 2017/3/13 1. 2016 annual director supervisor and allocation of Employees repayment.
    2. 2016 annual financial and statements.
    3. 2016 annual company surplus allocation.
    4. Capital surplus cash payment
    5. Capital increase by retained earning and Issue new shares
    6. 2016 annual operating planning.
    7. Revised corporate charter
    8. Revised the procedure of regulations governing the acquisition and disposal of assets.
    9. By-election of directors
    10. Cancel the prohibition on new directors from participation in competitive business.
    11. 2017 the related matters of stockholders meeting.
    12. Change finance supervisor and acting spokesperson
    13. 2016 annual statement of internal control
    14. 2017 annual modify of audit scheme
    15. 2017 annual assess accountant's independence
    16. Adjusted case of supervisor of subsidiary.
    Board 2017/5/5 1. 2017 consolidated of Q1 financial statements
    2. The issuance of common stock for cash for subsidiary.
    3. Making of Endorsements/Guarantees for subsidiary.
  • Internal Audit System
    GRANDTECH's Internal Audit function is an independent unit that reports directly to the Board of Directors.
    Other than informing the Board during its ordinary meetings, it briefs the Chairman, the Board Audit Committee, and the CEO on a monthly basis or as needed.
    The charter of Internal Audit is to review the internal controls in the company's processes and to report on those controls with respect to the adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency of their design, as well as the actual functions on day-to-day basis. All parts of the company and its subsidiaries are open for review by Internal Audit.
    The majority of the audit work is executed according to an annual plan, which needs to be approved by the Board of Directors. Such plan will take into account risks that have been identified. Special audits or reviews are conducted as needed. The combination of the regular audits and the special projects provide management with feedback on the functioning of the internal control system; it gives management an additional channel to learn about existing or possible future weaknesses in the system, and addresses them in a timely manner. The company supplements the review activities by Internal Audit with documented self-assessments by the departments and operational units. Internal Audit confirms that these activities do take place, and reviews the submissions to ensure the quality of the process; it then consolidates the results of the self-assessments for the CEO and the Board of Directors.
  • Major Internal Policies