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Frank Chang
Chairman, GrandTech Group


  • Chairman, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
  • Chairman, Ability International Co.
  • Chairman, GrandTech Information Inc.
  • Director, Honlynn Co. Ltd.
  • Director, Taiwan Imaging Systems, Inc
  • Education & Experience:

  • MA of Science, State University of New York
  • Chairman, AbicoNet International Co. Ltd.
  • Director, Toishibatec International Co. Ltd.

    As Chairman of GrandTech, Frank has successfully passed along the 4A spirit of Abico to GrandTech and provided generous space and trust to allow two corporations emerge with his experience in resources integration and corporation management. As one of the key figures at the corporation, he oftentimes encourages employees to take as much effort as possible to enact professionally, to work together for the eternal future of the company.

    Frank has sensed that the world’s economy has been slowly shifting focus to the Asia market, which made him to consider making adjustments to the operations and the overall mapping of the Asia-Pacific market would be the key to grow. He believes the way to growth is that GrandTech has to transform from comfort zone and must lead team to overcome upcoming conflicts.

    Frank advocates adjusting the big picture of GrandTech to expend more business opportunities. By offering the best value-added management platform (Entrepreneurs’ Paradise), which provides well-structured back-end operation and finance support to secure the entrepreneurs and recruiting more human resources with potentials and abilities, Frank works to achieve “The GrandTech”.


    Frankie Hsu
    Founding Chairman & CEO, GrandTech Group


  • Founding Chairman & CEO, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
  • Chairman, Senco Masslink Technology Ltd.
  • Chairman, Netcore Network Communication Co.
  • Chairman, Cogate Co. Ltd.
  • Chairman, Goldsun Application Technology Ltd.
  • Education & Experience:

  • Chairman, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
  • President, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
  • President, Honlynn Co. Ltd.
  • President, Ability International Inc.
  • VP, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
  • Founder of the GrandTech group
  • Product Marketing Manager, Acer Sertek In

    • Awards:

    Received the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for【Visionary Digital Enterprise Award】in 2012
    Received IT of the Month 【Best IT Talent Award】in 2002

    In 2012 received the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for【Visionary Digital Enterprise Award】.Frankie demonstrated his passion and entrepreneurship when he started GrandTech and created its value-added services to become the ideal partner for professional software vendors in Asia. Building a bridge between industry and the education system, Frankie uses his strength, knowledge and know-how to lay the foundations for development in the Multimedia & Computer Graphics industries. His innovation helps the business platform to build new business or recruit leaders for the group, thereby establishing a new growth level.

    Frankie Hsu is now CEO at GrandTech and also one of the founders. Before GrandTech was established, Frankie served as Autodesk AutoCAD software product marketing manager at Acer Sertek Inc. He not only undertook the Autodesk 3rd party business but also made the first introduction of the multimedia graphics production tool and served as 3D Studio's product manager in Taiwan. At that time animation and multimedia were not prevalent, but Frankie sensed the potential of the computer graphics industry in Taiwan and decided to make his own business with two other partners who were well-experienced in software marketing and founded GrandTech. With a strong determination to promote the computer graphics popularity and, in the spirit of making all things possible, Frankie led GrandTech to the next stage of development.

    After a Decade of effort and growth, Frankie successfully built a regional added-value service network in Asia including Greater China, South Asia and Korea. In 23rd Jan. 2002, GrandTech became listed on the Taiwan Stock Market with all staffs’ endeavor, and transformed into a multi-national corporation with over 200 employees from a 5-person-small company, and succeeded to enter the international business arena.

    In addition to focusing on its main business expansion, Frankie expects to cross the borderline between different industrial fields and further move to excellence and continued growth. Therefore, with the trust and encouragement of the ABICO Group, in 2010 Frankie decided to take over Ability International Co. Ltd., which has 200 employees and already over 40 years’ experience of the office equipment and supply field, as part of the GrandTech Group and has started a venture into the OA industry. Frankie re-positioned it as a service provider and offered total solutions for office digitalization to enterprises for efficiency enhancement; furthermore, a focus to strive to make growth by providing a document service and consultation business. Hence, since 2005, during a five year period, EPS achieved double growth six times, and revenue and profit have reached extraordinary historical highs.

    In 2012, with professional consideration for long-term development and growth, Frankie determined to create an “Entrepreneur’s Paradise” with GrandTech’s long established management base, and to provide financial resources, experience sharing and risk management. The aim is to attract entrepreneurs to create a sustainable business and, in the first place, to provide a worry-free growth stage. Therefore, based on this valuable platform, in 2013, Frankie recruited Taiwan’s top three major IT consumables supplier “Honlynn Co. Ltd.” to become part of GrandTech family, and continues to provide more than 20 years of service to SMEs with office supplies and print services, with the aim to grow and work hard together as ONE team. In 2014, Netcore Network Communication Co., was also recruited into the GrandTech family, which is a distributor for the top brands in the Network industry and also, in the current era, will make GrandTech a better expansion prospect in the market.

    Frankie believes deeply that an “Entrepreneur’s Paradise” can attract entrepreneurs who possess the capability and spirit to join the GrandTech family. Being part of the entrepreneur partnership not only helps with corporation growth, seeking new opportunities and conquering new markets as ONE team, but also can expand your views, your mind and lead to self-growth. Frankie’s continued aims are to achieve cooperative growth, win-win symbiosis and shared eco-systems.


    Jason Ngoi
    Corporate SVP


  • COO, Distribution & Enterprise Business Group, GrandTech Taiwan/HK/Malaysia/China
  • Director, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
  • Director, Cogate Co. Ltd.
  • Director, Network Communication Co.

  • Education & Experience:

  • BA of Science, University of Campbell, North Carolina, USA.
  • VP & GM, Corporate South Asia GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Pecca Leather SdnBhd

    As Malaysian Chinese, Jason is always willing to chase dreams, to take challenge and to make it come true. Follow this spirit and belief, Jason dares to break through spirit make well-experience in new business development and market. In addition, Jason is good at development new market in overseas while serving the top international brand manufactory. That completes himself with management experience toward another stage.

    In 2001 Jason worked for GrandTech Southeast Asia and led team to develop any NEW business and product in South Asia market. From Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India to Indonesia all has laid a brilliant achievement. Also, considerable contribution for the Handspring smart phones to break into Asian market is one of his best achievements.

    From being nobody to somebody, Jason also made GrandTech own brand “GrandVision” become popular as milestone in digital cameras in Southeast Asia market. Currently Jason is leading distribution BG across GrandTech Asia region for professional Software and Hardware products business to transform GrandTech to be a strong marketing team to the next new stage.


    ChaoPi Lin
    GM, Honlynn Co. Ltd.


  • GM, Honlynn Co. Ltd.
  • Education & Experience:

  • Chairman, Honlynn Co. Ltd.
  • Sales Rep., QiaoJu Co.

    ChaoPi as a founder of Honlynn Co. Ltd., has more than 20 years’ experience in OA material supplies industry and lead 200 employees with distribution 8 locations、5 logistic warehouses、over 100 marketing sales and near 60 marketing networks service team covered all Taiwan, successfully run Honlynn Co. Ltd. up to one of Top 3 IT material supply resellers in Taiwan.

    ChaoPi deeply knows what customers as SME need, and build core competency of Honlynn “hand the goods in person to customer, obtain customer trust, satisfied client needs” for long-lasting service.

    In 2013, ChaoPi joins GrandTech and becomes one of management team and keeps leading Honlynn to excellent with well-experience to continue business expansion under GrandTech group finance foundation.


    Kan Wan
    Corporate VP


  • VP, Digital Printing BU of GrandTech
  • GM, China branch office, Distribution & Enterprise Business Group of GrandTech
  • Education & Experience:

  • GM of Sales, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc. Taiwan.
  • BA of Printing & Engineering , University of Chinese Culture
  • Founder of Forta Co. Ltd.
    Kan has more than 20 years of market development and customer management experience in printing output industry. Kan contributes his work especially in market development in China and Taiwan. Currently Kan leads one of GrandTech business unit, digital printing and service team, to provide digital printing solution to local printing industry and create win-win benefit in between.


    Tina Huang
    Corporate Strategic & New Business Management Dept.


  • VP, Corporate and Group New Business Management Office of GrandTech
  • Education & Experience:

  • Diploma of Electronic commerce, Taipei Shixin High School
  • VP, Ability International Co. Operations Management Office
  • Accounting Manager, Ability Enterprise Co. Ltd.

    After graduation, Tina started her accounting job. In 1986, she joined Ability International Co. to engage in business integration, accounting systematization, and stocks matters. As corporation started to expand, it made its transition into Ability international Co. industry trading, Tina gradually accumulated her ERP integrate system experience.

    Since 2010 Ability international Co. become part of GrandTech Group, Tina learned from the new value of new re-organization to enhance herself up to achievements, her excellent performance made her become one of the management team.
    Tina continually commits her management skills to new business management and makes employees up to achievement and support to sales team to enhance client satisfaction, which now she becomes very important manager in Group.


    Danny Lee
    GM, Netcore Network Communication Co.


  • GM, Netcore Network Communication Co.
  • Director, Cogate Co. Ltd.
  • GM, GrandTech Cloud Services Inc., Taiwan
  • Education & Experience:

  • BA (Hons) of Computing, University of Tamkang
  • Manager, Wang Lab. Ltd.
  • VP, D-Link Corporation
  • COO, HiTRUST Inc.

    Danny Lee has well-experience in foreign companies and corporations which are at Taiwan listed in stock market. Especially he is good at networks industry and channel management. With his passion, profession, and connections, along with network industry’s potentiality and expansibility, Danny decided to take one big step of his career to run own business which founder as Netcore Network Communication Co. and target to acquire the worldwide leading brand in Network products with his expertise and provide integration solutions to local clients.

    However, growing business needs more space and backup, Danny sees the chance Grandtech could give Netcore, he led Netcore to join GrandTech in 2014. Netcore has expanded to HK, Macao markets. In 2018, Danny also as General Manager of GCS TW. His superior ability to bring him to where he is now. He definitely deserves this promotion with great potential to take much more responsibility in GrandTech Group.


    CK Chew
    Managing Director DPI Technology Sdn Bhd,Malaysia


  • MD, DPI Technology Sdn Bhd,Malaysia
  • Education & Experience:

  • BE, National University of Singapore
    QA Engineer, National Semiconductor (USA)
    Sales Engineer, Singapore Electrical & Electronic Engineering

    Managing Director CK Chew is a Malaysian Chinese. Chew's initial working experiences in two multi-national corporations in Singapore laid a strong foundation in his corporate management, international trading and market development skills. In 1995, Chew went back to Malaysia and founded DPI Technology Sdn Bhd. Subsequently his brothers Chin Yang and Chin Hui also joined him to work hand in hand to develop and realize their dream of establishing a great enterprise. Initially DPI focused on selling computers and printers; Further Chew led DPI to evolve as a supplier for large-format printers and sign-making systems from 2004 onward. It has gradually become the largest supplier for large-format printers and supplies since a few years ago. Today DPI have more than 2,000 customers. As a result of DPI's continuous efforts to provide best after-sales support to its customers, DPI have attracted many satisfied customers and the repeat customer rate is more than 95%. In 2011, DPI started to venture into South-east Asia markets and have since achieved encouraging results.

    Under Chew’s leadership, DPI management philosophy is founded on humanistic approach and delegation of power and responsibilities. Chew emphasizes on team spirit and fair reward to team performance.

    In 2015, Chew was attracted by Grandtech's Entrepreneurs' Paradise philosophy and as a result of that DPI became one of the important member of Grantech Group in early 2015. Chew strongly believes with the advice and guidance of Grandtech's management experience and the support of the group's financial resources, which will lead DPI to be able expand aggressively and rapidly in the region. Currently Chew and his brothers are actively involved in some merger and acquisition activities as well as expanding aggressively into other regional markets so as to achieve tremendous growth in a few years time, and become the top supplier for digital printing equipment in Asia.


    Monique Lo
    Assistant General Manager to GrandTech Systems, HongKong


  • GM, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc., HongKong
  • GM, GrandTech Cloud Services Inc., HongKong
  • Education & Experience:

  • BU Head of CEPG, GrandTech HongKong
    Partner Account Manger, GrandTech HongKong
    Purchasing Manager, Kenfil HongKong Ltd
    Account Manager, Expert Systems Ltd

    As Assistant General Manager at GrandTech Hong Kong, Monique Lo is responsible for leading and driving overall business performance, operations and marketing strategy for the company in Hong Kong. She also plays an instrumental role in enhancing the relationships between the company with business partners, including vendors, resellers, and end customers.

    Monique started her career in GrandTech Systems as a partner account manager in 2003, responsible for the business partner strategy for the company. Monique was promoted to the position of BU head in 2006, in charge of commercial business unit with sales and marketing dept. In 2016, she was promoted to Assistant General Manager where she oversees the overall strategies for GrandTech System in Hong Kong.In 2018, the promotion of Monique Lo as the GM of GCS HK at the same time. Under Monique's outstanding leadership, we believe the sales performance of GT HK & GCS HK will set record-high continuously in future.


    In 1997, Chiao Cheng started his career in GrandTech and established new branches in Taichung and Kaohsiung for professional software business development in education market. With his skillful sales experience, Chiao promoted to be in charge of national market development and led his team to achieve best performance in 2005 and contributed GrandTech a solid foundation in education market. In 2007, Chiao sensed the potential opportunity about the needs of 2D and 3D professional software in cram schools and kicked off student pack project to enlarge demand market. Successfully he touched down the new market for better achievement in GrandTech.

    After that, Chiao was assigned to China as Vice General Manager for professional software business for 2 years and back as Bu head to handle sales team of GrandTech Taiwan. He self-disciplined, empowers his team members to create sales and profit control responsibly. Chiao led the team hit the record high of revenue in Autodesk in 2015. Whilst the distribution market is challenging, Chiao continues to move forward by enhancing team performance and concentrating on customer management with well-organized on-site service.


    Sandy Shao
    Controller to GrandTech Taiwan & GrandTech China


  • Controller to GrandTech Taiwan & GrandTech China
  • Education & Experience:

  • Jinwen University of Science and Technology(JUST)
  • Manager, Business Support Div.
  • Senior Manager of Administration Div.
  • AVP of General Administration

    Sandy is very good at being supporting role to sales team since joining GrandTech years ago. Continuing being such a role, she experienced in order processing, negotiation with dealers and internal coordination, inventory and purchasing control and so on… With her pleasing personality and patience, Sandy promoted as controller for GrandTech Taiwan and China, and more responsibilities of leading support team while GrandTech Group moving forward and expanding.


    Sam Wang
    CTO, Management Information System of GrandTech


  • CTO, Management Information System of GrandTech
  • Education & Experience:

  • Master of Department of information Management, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • MIS Senior manager, GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
  • Junior Manager, Fonestock Inc.

    Join GrandTech as a senior IT manager since 2004, Sam took his efforts on internal management system build-up for all the branches of GrandTech Group and leading his team to construct better IT environment. His experience is recorded as highly performance to GT Group.

    As a leader of HQ MIS team, Sam takes challenge and put up his proposal, envision to transform MIS dept to profit center while GT Group transforming to GT2.0 with the objective of strengthening GT Cloud technology. He has strong entrepreneur spirit in growth differentiated himself from others and is willing to achieve the important mission on GrandTech Cloud Services Cloud business.