Enterprise Business

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GrandTech build Entrepreneurs’ Paradise, as the best value-added corporation management platform, providing strong backend foundation in Finance and Risk management to recruit and invest potential SME entrepreneurs that have ambition and determination same as GrandTech does, dare to dream big and achieve to greater success and business expansion in Asia region.

The subsidiaries in Taiwan and HK are specialized to solution integrations with IT software and hardware for local enterprise market as IT integration service providers.

NetCore plays a professional role bridged vendors, partners and customers, and illustrate in network products, by namely Juniper, Firemon, AYAYA, Aruba, A10, FireMon and so on. NetCore win customer trust especially in the fields related to Telcom, Education, Government, Manufacture and Medicals.

Cogate specialized in system integration for enterprises in south of Taiwan, service involved IT environments build-up, information security and workflow design, dedicates their outstanding service to help SME clients for better efficient work environment.

Goldsun is a young company that GrandTech invested for seeking the new opportunities in on-going Industry 4.0 trend. Goldsun founder is a very experienced in industrial product design software for years and has a good team for market development for distributing Simens products.

Senco Masslink joined GrandTech as a group since 2015, both have the enthusiasm to develop a big HongKong Economy Zone for bigger coverage in education and commercial market. Senco is Apple Premium Reseller for Edu and Ent , Apple Service Provider , Campus Experience Centre, service products involved SaaS products Adobe, Google, WoodWing, Unity and IT hardware Lenovo, IBM and etc. Senco develops itself as a well-known IT integration solution service provider in HongKong over 29 years; and has a long-term partnership with many worldwide leading brands and solutions. Market covers the government units, education institutions and commercial enterprises. With the expertise in the field of IT solution and software, Senco Masslink is marching up for glory and growth.