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Corporate News

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GrandTech (TPEx:6123) announced its consolidated revenues of NT$345 M for September 2021, down by 39% YoY

GrandTech quoted, group’s revenue in September 2021 was slightly lower than the same period of last year due to the outstanding results from the HK campus project 2020.
AS the campus project in 2020 and the first half of 2021 had come to an end,and DDPB (Dynamic Digital Print Business Group) and Cloud Services Business Group had delivered a strong performance, the Group was able to maintain steady growth in revenue. Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is the main growth momentum of the revenue, which brings positive impact to the Group’s overall profitability ratio and Predictability.

GrandTech focuses on the future possibilities of Digital Printing and Cloud Services. We have been actively deploying the borderless multi-cloud services and platform for our clients and developing more international cooperation with strategic partners. Besides the market expansion in Hong Kong and ASEAN that GrandTech already did, GrandTech is having the careful assessment of entering the startup industries of Japan for developing more cloud businesses.Furthermore, we are also expanding the application of digital printing services and building the co-ecosystem for digital printing and smart packaging. Besides the outstanding business performance in the market of biotech packaging and fashionable mask, GrandTech is also planning to extend the investment in the potential business of eco-friendly food and cosmetic packaging, in order to optimize the group business revenue for keeping the momentum going and achieving the stable upslope of ARR and outstanding overall revenue performance.

2021  revenue report (consolidated): (Unit: NT$ thousands)




 Increase (Decrease) 





Note:  September 2021 revenue is an unaudited consolidated account.