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September 2018

To move forward into Transformed Digital Print Era, GrandTech setup GT Indigo Centre of Excellence (CoE), and the Authorized HP Indigo Digital Press Learning Academy in Zhonghe dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan. The multimillion-dollar facility with print equipments and wide gallery of innovative applications aims to inspire and accelerate the digital printing transformation in Taiwan. It showcases HP digital printing solutions capabilities from both local and abroad by brands, agencies and printers.

November 2017

GrandTech open another milestone. For the strategic deployment of global cloud services, banner company GrandTech Cloud Services merged of Plex Services in Hong Kong.

September 2017

GrandTech Cloud Services Inc. was established. Adopt AWS cloud technology to create a new situation for GrandTech cloud value-added services.

July 2017

GrandTech(6123)invest GoldSun Application Technology. Combined with the advantages of both sides, expand new business opportunities of the manufacturing industry 4.0, The cloud service to improve the operational efficiency of the solution for the manufacturing users to accelerate innovation and create opportunities to create a win-win situation.

June 2017

GrandTech signed Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement with Microsoft Taiwan Cooperation. It shows GrandTech is recognized as professional on SaaS Publisher to provide cloud solutions, add-on value and service quality for our customers. It is not just delivered our effort on digital transformation in GrandTech group, but also a key milestone for our cloud service business.

February 2017

Frankie Hsu now steers the company into the future as the Founding Chairman & CEO to GrandTech Group. Frankie Hsu will lead the transformation into GrandTech 2.0 and drive from good to great performance for shareholders, employees, partners and customers.

GrandTech disposed of 33.06% of its 51% share owning of subsidiary company Honlynn to Ability I Venture Capital Corporation and ABICO-FS Co Ltd.

The GrandTech Board of Directors approved a proposal to sell its subsidiary company, Ability International Co. Ltd to Honlynn Co.

December 2015

Acquire major shares in Senco-Masslink in HK and aim to further expansion to SMB, Enterprise and Education segments in HongKong, Macau and South China.

November 2015

GrandTech Malaysia Branch Office kick off Grand Malaysia Plan(GMP) to expend business service network in distribution and digital printing industry across ASEAN region.

October 2015

GrandTech’s Q3 EPS Before Tax NT$1.25 and Gross Margin 23.36% both achieved highest and broke historical record.

April 2015

Acquire Single Distributor Distributor for Adobe in Taiwan, HongKong and Macau.

GrandTech is the Exclusive Distributor covering Greater China for Unity.

March 2015

GrandTech(6123)invest DPI Technology in Malaysia and expend Digital Printing Business from Taiwan to ASEAN Market.

June 2014

GrandTech(6123)invest Netcore to expend network business in Taiwan Enterprise Market with Juniper、Aruba、A10 distribution.

May 2014

GrandTech appointed Jason Ngoi as Corporate Senior VP/ GM to GrandTech Taiwan & HK to manage Taiwan and HK and new business development.

March 2014

GrandTech promote 3D printer DIY to stimulate Asian educational market.

October 2013

GrandTech promote 3D Printer to global market in HKEF(Autumn Edition) 2013 with MIT excellent quality.

July 2013

GrandTech acquire 51% share in Honlynn with equity swap for market expansion on Taiwan office market.

September 2012

Carry oracle software business in Taiwan.

April 2012

GrandTech Acquire HP Indigo Distribution in Taiwan.

March 2012

GrandTech Acquire Wacom Electronic Signature Solution Market in China.

October 2011

Acquire Huawei Enterprise Business Group distributorship in Singapore.

Acquire Aruba distributorship in China.

April 2011

Joint venture for business development in Information Security market on ASEAN.

February 2011

Joint Venture with Advanced Plus company and set the branch office ADI ( Abico Digital Imaging) for digital camera business development.

January 2011

Acquire Distributorship for HP eMFP in Taiwan.

November 2010

GrandTech kick off information security business unit and distribute Radware.

A joint venture agreement made with Dong Ji ShangHai, GrandTech go deep into S/W channels of East China market.

October 2010

GrandTech subsidiary Ability International acquire 51% share in Cogate.

June 2010

In 2010 General shareholders' annual meeting announced the resolution of Directors and Supervisors re-election, Ability Investment Co., Ltd. obtained 3 seats as Director on the board of directors, and Da Han Investment Co., Ltd. obtained 2 seats as Supervisor on the board of directors.

April 2010

Acquire Ability Internation Tenancy and move into Office Automation market in Taiwan.

February 2010

Distributed Autodesk M&E Distribution in China.

January 2010

Established GTI (GrandTech Information) Co. LTD., for Educatio & Publishing business development.

October 2009

Announce 2010 ComicStudio Asia Contest in Taiwan, HongKong, China & Asean in association with Vendor Celsys.

June 2009

Distributed Shure products in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

April 2009

Release digital comic software ComicStudio Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese version to the Chinese market.

March 2009

Became an Adobe ACA international license distributor in Taiwan.

February 2009

Became an Adobe ACA international license distributor in Taiwan.

September 2008

Distributed ComicStudio as Asia Exclusive Distributior.

October 2007

Set up India Branch office with TVS-E Joint venture.

September 2007

Acquire Keyhold Publishing in Taiwan.

Become a Sole Asia Distributor for Jenoptik camera.

Distributed AsukaBook in China.

August 2007

Distributed Wacom tablets in Indonesia.

Acquire Keyhold Publishing in Taiwan to extend GrandTech market share in Publishing & Education.

June 2007

Set up Indonesia Branch Office.

March 2007

Distributed OKI printer products in Hong Kong for color printer business development.

January 2007

Distributed Cyberlink video software in Taiwan Education market.

December 2006

Carry Jenoptik camera into Asia market.

Distributed ETEN PDA hand phone in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand.

August 2006

Set up Business Units for professional software business and information security product business.

June 2006

GrandTech Board committee agreed to acquire Secure UNI.

February 2006

Carry Symantec consumer products distribution in Taiwan.

May 2005

Distribute Corel graphic software in Taiwan.

April 2005

Interim shareholders meet obtained Sky Century Corp. with 3 directors and Chia Mei Investment Co., Ltd. With 2 supervisors.

March 2005

Distribute Apple products in Taiwan.

October 2004

Exercised Put Provision after the 1st unsecured convertible corporate bonds expired, the options outstanding at end of Oct. is NT$26,700,000.

September 2004

The 1st unsecured convertible corporate bonds converted to common stock of NT$252,507,280; The paid-in capital increased to NT$635,343,280 after corporate bonds convertion.

July 2004

Carry TrendMicro as an Education Market distributor.

June 2004

Issued employee stock option certificates 1500 units.

May 2004

GrandTech EIP workflow online.

April 2004

Corporate with MBF( one of the top 3 credit card issue center in Malaysia).

February 2004

GrandTech touch down USA market by house brand GrandVision by an alliance with American brand Ezonics.

October 2003

GrandVision website release to the public.

July 2003

Carry HP high end plotter and become the exclusive distributor in Taiwan.

May 2003

Acquire Macromedia Distribution in Singapore.

December 2002

Established Philippines branch office.

November 2002

Release GandVision DV-II Pocket DV.

Company founder & President won the reward as “ The Best IT People” on 2002.

October 2002

Built up “Professional Image Product Team” to promote professional image digitalization solution in the market.

September 2002

As a leading pan-asia network distributor, GrandTech carry the advanced smartphone Handspring in Asia regions such as HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Mainland China.

July 2002

In this year, capital increased NT$35,810,000 by retained earings, capital increase NT$26,470,000 by capital reserve, and capital increase NT$9,100,000 by employees’ bonus of Year 2001. The paid-in capital totally increased to NT$382,800,000.

March 2002

Announce house brand GrandVision to digital product business as an supplier , create the professional and added value to the public with the concept “ Non-factory and non-distribution” own brand distributor.

Release New Product GrandVision iVina FB1210U flat scanner.

January 2002

GrandTech shares start to transit in OTC stock markey.

Make an alliance with Avision ( The biggest scanner manufacture in Taiwan), co-work to develop document scanner in Asia market and release.

Move ahead Europe and United States, GrandTech first release the No.1 Palm OS system Smart Phone- Treo in HongKong.

February 2001

Establish GrandTech Korea branch office.

January 2001

Establish GrandTech Malaysia Branch Office.

November 2000

Set up GrandTech office in ShangHai.

October 2000。Well-know PDA manufactory Handspring had announced GrandTech was the exclusive agency in Asia, also established the Asian Handspring website which created by GrandTech.

May 2000

Securities and Futures Bureau approved common stocks issuing and IPO procedure.

November 1999

Purchased a new office in Rui Guang Rd, Taipei.

October 1999

Merged PacRim which was the biggest CG and multimedia agency in HK and Singapore, also merged GloryTech which was a system provider in China to conformity tripartite resources enter the Asian Chinese market.

Carried Quark and L&H into the market.

September 1999

Established GrandTech HK and GrandTech China to increase the business to Great China region.

Established office in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Carried the Wacom to Great China region and Corel for China.

April 1999

Carry Dreamer Studio for education marketing to promote the multimedia teaching and application.

MOG Club cooperated with East Sun Bank to issue GrandTech Affinity Card.

January 1999

Established MOG club and 080 free-dial to provide more specific member service. Hoped provide the real time service to increase the interactive between users.

May 1998

Carried PhotoDisc with direct sale marketing successfully into Taiwan.

January 1998

Received the Adobe Asian and Pacific area best agency prize in 1997.

Established publish department and software development department to carry more elites into the CG books publish and software development.

June 1997

Hosted 6th country wide CG champion in Taiwan.

January 1997

Received the Adobe Asian and Pacific area best product marketing prize in 1996.

Carry Macromedia multimedia products to provide more multimedia solution.

Created a team to help original to edit the software to Chinese include examination and the formulation, devotes in the technical expression unification. Had published FreeHand 7C、PageMaker 6.5C、Illustrator 7C、Adobe PageMaker 6C and hold a road show national wide.

June 1996

Hosted 4th country wide CG champion in Taiwan.

Establish the first website for GC designers only in Taiwan:

May 1996

Carry Adobe Window series products and established a user club of Adobe to provide a space to spare and exchange idea for GC designers.

Established own website: www.

May 1995

Hosted 3rd country wide CG champion in Taiwan.

May 1994

Hosted 2nd country wide CG champion in Taiwan.

February 1994

Carry Wacom erasable wirelesst tablet series products to provide more convenience environment for CG designers, and upgrade the quality of CG production in Taiwan.

December 1993

Received the Autodesk best business agent honor.

May 1993

Hosted 1st country wide CG champion in Taiwan and inspired people to do CG creation. GrandTech was the important key roll for CG learning in Taiwan.

Joined and designed the multimedia guide system of CKS Memorial Hall, the ability had been formed.

February 1992

Carry Autodesk Multimedia products into CG application filed.

July 1991

Established in Taiwan with NTD 5 million capital and 4 employees, carry Media Vision software into Taiwan market, which is the 1st multimedia software upgrade package.