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Allied Telesis is offering a competitive, Fast and Stable WIFI Solution

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1. Promotion packages valid until 1 January 2021
2. Promotion items while stock last
3. To ensure the Single Channel mode to be fully functional, the below guidelines must be followed:
    i. The mode is only supported on VAP0 in Radio2. It is not supported on Radio1.
    ii. You select the operating mode of the 5GHz radio in the Easy Setup window
    iii. Single Channel mode groups can have up to five wireless access points
    iv. Groups are identified with the “Single Channel Group ID” parameter in the Easy Setup window. The range of the group ID number is 1 to 16.
    v. Different Single Channel mode groups in a network have to be assigned different group ID numbers. Otherwise the groups may not function reliably.
    vi. Wireless access points can belong to only one group at a time. vii. Radio2 and the VAP0 settings have to be at their default values.