Creative & Cloud Service

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GrandTech has expanded its horizon regionally and has also diversified its products since 1991, GrandTech usually is the preferred distributor for international vendors as they consider expending Asia market efficiently and need a good helping hand as GrandTech does. Beyond that, these experiences formed naturally into GrandTech strong foundation; By this strength advantage, GrandTech has passion and vision to move into another new era, transform to GrandTech Creative & Cloud Business as SaaS publisher and IaaS service provider nowadays, a pioneer fighter keeping ahead the other competitors. Continue to provide service between vendors, partners and enterprise customers with those 2D and 3D professional software products Adobe, Autodesk, Wacom, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Corel, Celsys, Shure, market covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and etc.