Cloud Services

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GrandTech's 27 years of market experience under their belt, they have faced challenges of the relatively smaller market in Taiwan and the lack of international experience for innovative software contents, brand recognition, and expanded operation. GrandTech has identified the advantages of “cloud services” for the digital industry and has thus initiated the first phase of cloud services with Adobe in 2013, while the subsequent phase of the project will be deployed in 2017 to strategically bring the “professional cloud services” into the Asia-Pacific markets. GrandTech has officially announced its transition from a distributor of software to the world-class provider of cloud services.

GrandTech's 27 years of local expertise in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia has provided customers with even more forward-looking product roadmaps and services. In recent years, the company has progressively introduced the cloud platform and technology from leading international providers to further provide customers with the complete transition and innovative services to the cloud...

GCS is the subsidiary company in GrandTech group, which is a SaaS publisher in professional software fields and solid customer base in gaming, animation and creative industries for years. GCS will leverage AWS and GrandTech resources to support customers aiming to be global or already in global markets. 

Xinqi Cloud is a "professional cloud service" manufacturer, Focus on mobile applications, Video games, New retail, Learning platforms and new innovation fields, Provide customers with cross-border, Cross-regional business operation platform.